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Street Waste Company Limited (SWCL)

Street Waste Company Limited (SWCL) is registered under the company and matters allied acts. We are an environmental and waste management company
on a mission to create a sustainable environment through consultations, environmental assessments and audits,
waste recycling, advocacy, partnerships and collaboration.



To create a sustainable environment for all, to be a leader and preferred choice of company in environmental and waste management solutions in Africa.


  • Our core mission is to achieving a sustainable environment in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations in our operations by employing innovative environmental technology and services.
  • Create value for our clients while employing local and international best practices for an efficient, sustainable and safe outcome.
  • Accountable to our community and employees.
  • Protect our client’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Our Services

    Services We Offer

    Street Waste Company offers high quality professional services on sustainable
    Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM).

    Consultation and Capacity building

    we provide advisory services, trainings, waste audits, environmental impact assessments, environmental audits in partnership with Richflood International and other services in this link.Click Here


    We partner with organisations and individuals in our advocacy program tag #lagosupcyclingtourism where we create awareness about waste management, upcycling and recycling.

    Recycling waste collection

    We collect recyclable waste from households, schools and organisations.


    PET bottles recovered


    Individuals enlighted


    Students Educated on Waste-to-wealth

    Facts About Us

    Fun Facts About Us

    At Street Waste Company Limited, we make sustainable living a lifestyle for individuals, schools, organisations and government.
    We take the environment to that state of zero waste and achieving sustainable cities and communities.

    We guarantee reliable & efficient services.


    We pride ourselves in creating sustainable solutions from the following key principles of being a company, that:

    ● Leverages on global best practice for growth, development and sustainability to meet clients’ need.

    ● Carry out our services with due care for the safety and health of employees, protection of the environment without compromising quality.

    ● Professionalism and team work.


    ● Through our recycling collection services, we have been able to recover over 2,000,000units of PET plastics and still counting from getting into our drainages and affecting marine lives.

    ● Through our advocacy event, #lagosupcyclingtourism we have been able to:

    ● enlighten over 500 people about upcycling and recycling

    ● educate over 100 students on creating value from plastic
    waste in a DIY session

    Our portfolio

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    We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service
    while offering our employees the best training.

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